Detoxa Plus

Detoxa Plus – Mycotoxin inactivator

DETOXA PLUS® contains lysates derived from the fermentation of some Saccharomyces strains. The resulting compound inactivates mycotoxins produced by fungi of the genus Fusarium. DETOXA PLUS® initiates inactivation of mycotoxins already in the proventriculus and gizzard, preventing them from being absorbed in the intestine and further causing damage to the birds.

This inactivation is a process that leads to the metabolization of mycotoxins of low polarity, which are not effectively eliminated by adsorbents. The inactivation reaction is extremely specific and safe, performing the transformation of mycotoxins into nontoxic metabolites.

Composition: contains specific strains of Sacharomyces, yeast wall, and zeolite.

Presentation: 25 kg.

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