Vetanco of Brazil celebrates 10 years

Publicado 11/08/2011 en Todas/Novedades

The Vetanco SA, founded in 1987 in the Argentine capital, was born to serve the market of poultry and swine. Through research, manufacturing and marketing products and medicines, the company is featured in the industry. The Vetanco full ten years in Brazil in 2011. To commemorate the date, Vetanco held last Thursday (11 / 8) a fellowship at the House of Friends and Collaborators Vetanco (CAVE), annexed to the distribution center in Chapecó Vetanco. Under the command of Claudius directors Jorge and Javier Küttel Kracker, the company is present in the capital of the West since 2001, serving as a distribution center for all of Brazil. Today, the staff has 27 employees, 25 in the array in two Chapecó and installed at the branch in Sao Paulo. Since 2007 the company is certified in ISO 9001. This year, the company has successfully passed external audit and another was re-certified in ISO 9001. At night, a tribute was released to employees over five years with the company. This year, the developer, every five years with the company, shall receive a trophy made ​​of crystal.

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