Uniwall Mos 25

Bactericide and Prebiotic

Additive for use as alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. A tool for animal biosecurity and food safety. Uniwall Mos 25 is a combination of specific organic acids salts, with purified yeast wall, protected by a mineral carrier. Its action is directed to the feed and to the digestive tract, acting against bacteria such as Salmonella spp, Echerichia coli, Campilobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus sp and Clostridium sp.

Composition: Yeast cell wall (Mannanoligosaccharides and betaglucans) 25%, Ammonium formate, Formic acid, Ammonium propionate and Acetic acid.

Indications: Salmonellicide and destroyer of Gram negative bacteria, in feed and in intestinal tract of birds and pigs. Prebiotic, stimulating the development of beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria.

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