Modulates intestinal microbiota

Composition: Grinded hops, wheat germ, and corn hulls.

Indications: Added in the feed of birds during the entire fattening period or during the critical phases, for modulation of the microbiota and control of enteropathogens.

HERBANOPLEX® CP is a feed additive developed by innovative research in the European Union. HERBANOPLEX® CP is extracted and modified from hops as its main component. HERBANOPLEX® CP does not have withdrawal period. Indicated for use in Clostridium perfringens control, responsible of necrotic enteritis. For broilers, turkeys, breeders and layers.

A natural product that fits the new global trends of quality, safety and food efficiency for increasing nutrient digestibility, and litter quality improvement.

Presentation: 25 kg.

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Where this product is applied:
  • Birds