Vetanco is a multinational animal health company funded 100% by Argentine capital, and since 1987 develops and markets innovative products for animal health and production.

In 1990 Vetanco has synthesized the first veterinary quinolone in Latin America, and in 1993, the hydrogenation of Ivermectin represented another milestone in the history of the company.

The result of many years of hard work and continuous advances was the opening of the market of Southeast Asia in 1995, when the first exported products were shipped. Vetanco continued growing and a new plant was opened in Brazil. In 2002, the new plant Villa Martelli was opened, where the company’s headquarters are located. A year later, Vetanco Uruguay was opened.

In 2007, a new plant was opened in Chapecó (SC), Brazil, and was certified by MAPA (Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) as a logistics center and pharmaceutical products distribution hub. The additional capacity, combined to the production in Argentina, contributed to the global projection of our products.

Vetanco has always focused on developing, approving and marketing new products or line extensions in more than 40 countries, and became Argentina’s major exporter of animal health products. The company received the Export Foundation Award in 2007 and 2010. In 2008, it was accredited by Senasa in GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices. The international positioning resulted in a global view of the industry, and allowed for establishing a clear long-term strategy.

A new plant was opened in 2013 in General Rodriguez, region of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This plant was designed to expand the manufacturing capacity of pharmaceutical powders, additives and pesticides for veterinary use, and improve the international logistics process of the company. The Vetanco project was recognized and included in the Bicentennial program in Argentina, reflecting the commitment with the development of science and industrial production in Argentina.

Another action aimed at expanding the global reach of Vetanco was the establishment, in early 2013, of an office in Mexico. This first step offered the complete lines of products for swine and poultry production, and will be followed by the inclusion of products for beef and dairy cattle in the near future. Nevertheless, technical advisory services are offered for the livestock industry.

In 2015, the company started an operation in Colombia.  The continued commitment to growth was reflected in the launch of the Biological Product line, with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology.

This story is written day after day, a story of work, cooperation, and effort: the keys to the success of Vetanco.