Isologa BV Science


BV Science was born as a result of the merger of the research, marketing and technical support units of Vetanco and Dr. Bata Ltd., a European company dedicated to Research and Development. This new business unit was created with the objective of improving productivity and profitability of the primary production of meats, resulting in the production of more and better food, improved cost-benefit ratio and in harmony with the welfare of a growing world population.

During these last ten years, Dr. Bata’s and Vetanco´s scientific research teams have combined their resources and worked together in the development of innovative tools, based on the principle: Safe products for safe foods.

This joint effort has allowed to expand the research capacity and the international technical and commercial support networks. The resulting economy of scale allowed for increasing the number of submissions worldwide, running more validation trials in many institutions in different countries, expediting the release of new products, and producing a higher volume of high quality products.

In this first stage, the BV Science product line includes the previous Dr. Bata line and the Vcare product line (Detoxaplus – Dysantic – Herbanoplex -Gamaxine – Di Heptarine S – MOS Uniwall 25). In addition, other innovations are to be released in the near future.

Both Vetanco and Dr. Bata submit and market the BV Science line in their regions: Vetanco is responsible for the distribution in the Americas, and Dr. Bata provides the products for the rest of the world.



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