Detoxa Book 2022: Prevalence of Mycotoxins in Latin America

Published 31/03/2023 in category News

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites generated by certain species of fungi under stressful situations, which can grow and infect the culture in the field (Fusarium) or during the storage of grains and foods under inadequate conditions (AspergillusPenicillium).

Mycotoxins usually cause diverse toxic effects in animals, being birds extremely sensitive to their presence, causing alterations in health and productivity.

The prevalence of mycotoxins and their concentrations in cereals undergo changes over time, as they are influenced by several factors related to environmental and ecological conditions. Thus, the development of certain fungi and their mycotoxins are favored over others.

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in mycotoxins of the Fusarium genus (Fumonisins, Trichothecenes, and Zearalenone), which mainly affect corn and cause “subclinical” symptoms with a negative impact on production rates.

That is why it is important to carry out periodic monitoring to know the current state of contamination and which are the most prevalent mycotoxins affecting production, considering their chemical structure, to implement effective control strategies.

Detoxa Book 2022: Prevalence of Mycotoxins in Latin America

VETANCO S.A., committed to the impact of mycotoxins in poultry production, performs mycotoxin prevalence monitoring throughout Latin America and control programs with state-of-the-art products.

The sampling protocol is essential for the correct detection of mycotoxins. Since contamination is not homogeneous in the distribution of cereals, strict controls of raw materials are established, both at the reception of transports and at storage plants. In this way, the samples are representative of the contamination conditions.

The lateral flow membrane-based immunoassay technique is used as a detection method. These types of semi-quantitative detection methods allow, quickly and easily, to detect and quantify mycotoxins in the concentration ranges of clinical importance.

As it does every year, Vetanco has compiled all the data from every country where it conducts the survey, and has launched the DETOXA BOOK 2022 – PREVALENCE OF MYCOTOXINS IN LATIN AMERICA. This book contains detailed results by country for each of the mycotoxins of major importance for poultry production.

A summary of these results is presented below in our DETOXA BOOK 2022.

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