Biotech Vac in the TV Series Advancements

Published 28/02/2023 in category News

Biotech Vac in the TV Series Advancements

Advancements”, the program hosted by Ted Danson for Bloomberg TV, aired a segment dedicated to Biotech Vac, our vaccine that protects against various strains and serotypes of Salmonella. It was a special episode that reviewed how science and technology work together to foster innovation and recent advances worldwide to limit antibiotic misuse in food production.

This segment explored the poultry industry advancement that is helping to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases, such as salmonellosis, in humans. In this episode, the Vetanco team including Agr. Eng. Jorge Winokur, President of Vetanco; Sherry Layton, Ph.D., International Scientific Director of Vetanco; Jeffrey W. Hall, Ph.D., Research and Development Director, Vetanco USA; Veterinary Doctor Emanuel Gumina, Biotechnology Laboratory Director; and Veterinary Doctor and Poultry Production Specialist Bruno Vecchi Galenda, Poultry Technical Manager, explained how the introduction of Biotech Vac – Salmonella in South America provides poultry immunological protection against all mobile Salmonella species.

The episode aired on Saturday 25 through Bloomberg, and it will soon be available on Amazon Prime Video as well.

Advancements is an information-based, educational television series that explores recent developments in several industries and economies. By providing insight into important topics and issues currently affecting society, the series features cutting-edge enhancements, state-of-the-art technologies, and innovative solutions responsible for shaping, molding, and transforming our world.

You can access the latest episode of Advancements, broadcast on 02/25/2023, where you can find our story in the third segment of this special episode:

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