Presentation of the First Salmonella Management Software

Published 27/10/2022 in category Events/News

Vetanco presented Guardian Software, the first Salmonella management software, at the Latin American Scientific Conference – “2022 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference,” among other activities as part of its participation in the event.

From October 4 to 6, the “2022 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference” was held, organized by the Poultry Science Association (PSA), at the Bourbon Cataratas do Iguaçu Thermas Eco Resort, which is located at Iguazu Falls, Paraná, Brazil.

In this context, Vetanco presented the first Salmonella management software in the poultry industry segment. We are talking about Guardian Software, the new smart solution to support animal health and food safety.

“Prevention is the best way to control Salmonella. With this in mind, Vetanco developed a solutions program, the Guardian Program, which, together with biosecurity measures, protects against one of the main challenges of Brazilian poultry farming, Salmonella. To complete this portfolio, Biotech Vac Salmonella was recently launched, the first subunit vaccine to control this challenge”, said the Marketing Manager of Vetanco Brazil, Thiago Moreira Tejkowski.

With a simplified-access browser, the Guardian Software is customized for each reality and integration, allowing you to enter sample data or automatically supply them through the interface with the analysis laboratory. This way, the standardization of leading indicators offers a broad view of the entire chain.

“The software offers many advantages, as it allows you to create goals and action plans, produce reports indicating the activity status, perform analysis, and export charts to PDF and Excel. The Guardian Program works from ‘feed-to-food’ and the software is the new smart solution to collaborate in animal health and food safety,” said Carlos Dalle Molle, Biologicals Technical Manager of the company in Brazil.

Presentation of the First Salmonella Management Software

For Tiago Urbano, the laboratory’s participation in the event and the launch of the Guardian Software in the Brazilian market reflect Vetanco’s commitment to poultry farming in that country. “We are a reference company in the market regarding Salmonella control. For us, it is an opportunity to reinforce our work and address a highly relevant issue for Brazil, which is the world’s largest exporter of chicken meat,” he said.

The software will initially be available in Brazil, but it will be launched in different markets as the servers are enabled.

Vetanco has the most complete portfolio of Salmonella control products and services, from probiotics, organic acids, and vaccines to a specialized consultant team to assist producers in this challenge.

Latin American Scientific Conference

Tech Talks

On Tuesday, October 4, Tiago Urbano, Commercial Technical Director of Vetanco Brazil (State University of São Paulo, Brazil), was in charge of the welcome and introduction of the Panel: “Total Approach to Salmonella Control: Perspectives and Opportunities,” where Vetanco participated with a panel discussion along with experts in the field.

On the same day, the Scientific Director of Vetanco and BV Science, Sherry Layton, Ph.D., presented the talk: “The Importance of the Solutions Synergy for the Salmonella Control in the Poultry Chain,” in which she addressed the biotechnological advances that increased the innovative potential of the laboratory and allowed the use of these technologies to design advanced Salmonella control strategies. “These control strategies must include several approaches throughout the chain. It is also important to ensure they are synergistic and work together,” Layton said.

Meanwhile, the Animal Production Director at São Salvador Alimentos S/A, Roberto Moraes Jardim Filho, Ph.D., highlighted the pillars of poultry production under the responsibility of agribusinesses. “A successful Salmonella control depends on the concepts and procedures established by the farm before the chicken reaches the slaughterhouse,” he said.

Activities with Clients

The commercial technical team of the Poultry Division of Vetanco Argentina, Daniel Urrutia and Gonzalo Almaraz, traveled with strategic clients, including production managers, breeder specialist technicians, nutritionists, and veterinarians responsible for health.

Before the conference, this group held a technical talk with Sherry Layton, Ph.D., Scientific Director of Vetanco and BV Science, who explained the details of the development of the Biotech Vac Salmonella vaccine, where an exciting sharing of knowledge came up. She also referred to Vetanco’s developing products to ensure the safety of animal-origin food. In this meeting, veterinarian Gonzalo Almaraz also showed the updated results of Biotech Vac Salmonella.

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