Detoxa Book – Mycotoxins: Prevalence in Latin America 2020

Published 08/04/2022 in category News

The newest edition of Detoxa Book features the monitoring of raw materials and feedstuffs carried out in several countries in the Americas, where we can observe the trends of the recent years based on the analysis of more than 40,000 samples of all the prevalent mycotoxins in animal production.

During the weeks of April 11 and 18 we will be sharing content on our social media about our mycotoxin research for 2021. On April 21, we will close the results presentation with a webinar featuring leading mycotoxin specialists:

Prof. C.A. Mallmann

Head Professor at the Federal University of Santa Maria

Luis Molina Abarzúa, M.Sc.

Food Safety Manager| Neogen Southern Cone

Detoxa Book – Mycotoxins: Prevalence in Latin America 2020

Mycotoxins are widely distributed throughout the world and are commonly under-diagnosed causing significant losses in production efficiency. Detoxa Plus® improves production performance and animal welfare by inactivating mycotoxins.

The eBook was developed by the Technical Department of Vetanco S.A. in a synergic effort with its subsidiaries and distributors in Latin America.

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