International Acknowledgment for Sherry Layton, Vetanco Scientific Director

Published 07/10/2021 in category Awards/Events

Sherry Layton, Vetanco Scientific Director, will be awarded in the 12th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases

International Acknowledgment for Sherry Layton, Vetanco Scientific Director

The 12th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases will be held in Rome, Italy, on October 22 and 23. In this event, Vetanco Scientific Director, Sherry Layton, Ph.D., will receive a special award for the best research of the year as a result of her publication on immune system with Biotech Vac Salmonella. She was also invited to give a welcome speech to researchers from around the world.

As part of her welcome speech on behalf of the Organization and Scientific Committee of the event, Sherry Layton said, “We are personally aware of how emerging infectious diseases may affect every aspect of life globally, as we all have had a first-hand experience of this phenomenon during the last 20 months. As a result, establishing meaningful collaborations that allow us to make quick research and development improvements in this technologically advanced society is more critical than ever. This would give us all a better understanding in order to offer solutions more rapidly to reduce and counter the diseases we will face in the future.

In this respect, Layton says that the conference purpose is to attract international academy, industry, and government researchers in order to introduce, share, discuss, and establish collaborations for a better understanding of emerging infectious diseases.

She adds, “Achieving a better understanding of the mechanism of action and of the diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic agents is essential to fight against emerging infectious diseases. This conference will allow all participants to learn about human, animal and zoonotic diseases at a practical, theoretical and applied level.”

Vetanco Scientific Director concluded, “We invite you to join us in an exciting, one-on-one meeting in a unique scientific forum to be held in Rome. We look forward to listening to you sharing your insight, in a place where lively discussions will arise with the aim of advancing science toward meaningful ideas.”

“Vetanco and all of the companies in our group are proud of having Sharry Layton in our team,” the laboratory said.

The motto of the 12th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases is to extend emerging infectious diseases science and practice worldwide. This two-day international conference will offer evidence-based practical strategies to engage the workforce and to reduce the spread of acute infections related to health care.

The aim is to promote health care perspectives including plenary speeches, round tables, symposiums, overviews and workshops on emerging infectious diseases and control risks, as well as to gather a multidisciplinary group in order to identify important issues related to emerging diseases in Russia, Europe, United States, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and other parts of the world.

Emerging Diseases 2021 is composed of masterly and speaker sessions on the latest cutting-edge research, which have been designed to offer global comprehensive discussions on current issues in the field.

More than 500 scientists, physicians, nurses, patients, government officials and pharmaceutical company representatives will participate.

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