Vetanco develops an alliance with the UDESC

Published 03/08/2020 in category News

The constant Research and Development is a principle of Vetanco DNA and the reason why a major part of its budget is allocated to that purpose. For Vetanco, being on the cutting-edge is rewarding because it represents a way of helping the development of the entire sector. In that sense, we developed alliances, like the one in Argentina some years ago, when Vetanco and INTA created the first public-private company.

In Brazil, Vetanco and the UDESC signed an agreement through the FECEO (NÂș 66/2019) (Experimental Farm of the Western Educational Center), in order to construct two structures: an experimental aviary with 50 boxes of 2 square meters each, equipped with negative ventilation, improving poultry welfare and tests results; and the enhancement of other structures, such as the water system and a part of the Swine Barn’s costs. Both structures are located in the Experimental Farm of UDESC in GuatambĂș/SC.

The barns’ architecture guarantees the comfort of animals that receive diets with different aliments, handlings, environments, among other variables, to define the best-tested treatments. The experimental aviary, coordinated by professor Dr. Marcel Boiago, can house a thousand birds, divided into 50 stalls with 20 birds each. Currently, the aviary is conducting an experiment with 750 animals. In the Swine Barn, the maximum capacity is 128 animals and it is coordinated by professors Aleksandro Silva and Diovani Paiano.

Vetanco y UDESC

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