Pig farming situation in the USA

Published 26/06/2020 in category News

What follows is a general outlook of the reality that pig farming in the United States has been facing, especially in the slaughter area. In the video, our colleague, Jeffrey W. Hall, Director of Research & Development at Vetanco USA, briefly describes the work he has been doing and he introduces Todd Thurman, an international consultant who develops the subject.

By accessing the video, you will find information about:

  • Vetanco USA innovations.
  • General information about pig farming in the USA (companies, slaughter volume and geographic distribution).
  • Chronology and impact of the closure of meat processing plants in the USA.
  • Interdiction cycle, return to the curve of normality and problems after interdiction.
  • Indecision/uncertainty about closing or not a slaughter plant.
  • Adjustments made to go back to normal activities.
  • The current situation related to slaughter volume.
  • Impact of the plant closure / Number of eliminated animals.
  • Current scenario and future costs of production in the United States.
  • Discussion about how to prevent similar situations in the future.

To access the video, click here.

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