First R&D team meeting

Published 29/11/2019 in category News

Last Tuesday Nov. 26rd a corporate meeting of the R&D international teams of Dr Bata, BV Science, Vetanco and Bioinnovo was held in Vetanco-Buenos Aires Head Office. The situation of ongoing projects and actual obstacles to speed up new developments were discussed.

Dr Sofia Bata, our colleague from Dr Bata Ltd., Hungary and PhD from the Faculty of Chemical and Biotechnological Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, introduced her expertise in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatic Methods and presented her latest results on the “Investigation of structure-function relationship in enzymes”. Different approaches were analyzed and some potential research lines were submitted for economic analysis by members of our corporation belonging to the Departments of Regulatory Affairs, Production, Scientific and Technical Boards of Directors and Researchers.

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Attended the roundtable:  Biochem Andrea Fraga,  Dr in Chemistry Miriana Biondic, Vet. Guillermo Trentalance, Vet. Marina Bok PhD, Biol. Andres Wigdorovicz PhD, Biol. Celina Vega PhD, Biotech. Demian Bellido PhD, Biotech. Josefina Baztarrica MSc,  Biol. Sherry Layton PhD, and Jorge Winokur.

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