Jeffrey W. Hall at the CRWAD 2019 in Chicago

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On November 3, Jeffrey W. Hall presented our latest news on developments in mucosal immunity applied to swine health, at the Animal Health Researchers Conference (CRWAD) held in Chicago.


His lecture “Immunization of the mucosa with Biotech Vac-coli protects pigs from ETEC and induces secretory IgA in colostrum“, within the Mucosa Immunology Chapter was one of which more questions and inquiries from the audience generated. There, Jeff explained and described the results obtained in proofs of concept experiments, carried out with the Biotech Vac platform in pigs, presenting data on the immune response in mucosa, systemic, as well as on passage to colostrum.


CRWAD is the specific conference for the scientific environment where cutting-edge research on animal health and disease, population and translational medicine is specifically presented. It is one of the oldest and largest international research conferences and is held annually in different US locations. UU.

Jeffrey W. Hall is the Director of Research in Biological of Vetanco USA. PhD from the University of Minnesota, has been working at Vetanco for 1 year.

The experimental material (data and analysis) was contributed by Drs MarĂ­a Fernanda Jabif, from the technical sales team of the Swine Business Unit, and by Emanuel Gumina, Head of the Biotechnology Laboratory, both from Vetanco SA.

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