BV Science on continuous expansion

Published 06/08/2019 in category News

532d35af-bec0-4999-95be-fbc8b5075f54Besides our operation in Saint Louis, USA, we are adding more production and logistic capacity in order to attend more and better our increasing demand.

BV Science, the company founded by Dr. Bata Ltd. from Hungary and Vetanco Argentina is opening more markets. The increased demand of HerbanoplexGamaxineUniwall MOSDysanticDetoxa Plus and Di Heptarine, has obliged us to speed up the expansion plans adding new distribution facilities.

In Budapest, Dr. Bata has already opened another new building to increase the warehousing capacity of the corporation. Modern design, temperature and humidity control, state of the art storing systems and computerized stock follow up are some of the tools that will help us to comply with customers worldwide.

Our congratulations to the technical and commercial teams of Dr. Bata Ltd. for this engineering work that will support the marketing success we are together achieving.

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