BV Science in the International Poultry Scientific Forum

Published 31/01/2018 in category Events

BV Science, the joint business unit of Vetanco S.A. and Dr. Bata Ltd., participated in the International Poultry Scientific Forum held on Monday 29 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The Forum is part of the activities of the IPPE International Production & Processing Expo 2018.

Sherry Layton, Zsófia Bata, Carlos Zamora, Carlos de Oliveira, Pablo Chacana, Emanuel Gumina, Igor Dias Praxedes Campagnoni, Maritza Tamayo, Fabrizio Matte, Isabel Falcon Mesa, Teodoro Valdivia, Igor Pelaez, and José Luis Bruzzone participated in the forum and presented original research papers.


The morning started with the presentation by Carlos de Oliveira, Justino Hernández, and Sherry Layton, of their study on the “Effects of a water applied biopromotor and feed applied MOS on the prevalence of Colibacillosis and egg production in commercial heavy breeders.” Then, the paper “Evaluation of a water applied biopromotor to improve production status and control Salmonella spp in commercial broiler chickens” was presented by Igor Praxedes Campagnoni, Fabrizio Matte, Fabio Gazoni, Felipe Chiarelli, and Sherry Layton.  These papers validate the effectiveness of our Gamaxine® and Uniwall MOS® products-


The third presentation was on the “Protection conferred by a subunit Salmonella vaccine against Salmonella Infantis in broiler chickens”, a research study on Biotech Vac Salmonella® carried out by P. Joaquim, Sherry Layton, Bruno Vecchi, Ariel Sugezky, and Pablo Chacana (Bacteriology Sector, Institute of Pathobiology of CICVyA, INTA Castelar). Finally, Zsófia Bata and Dr László Poppe presented the paper “Intestinal microflora stabilization with combining prebiotic effect and antimicrobial properties of herbal plant extracts,” which reports the results obtained with our product Herbanoplex CP®.

The team ended its presentation with the poster on the “Evaluation of long term immunity and protection against Salmonella spp by orally administrated inactivated vaccine”, by Emanuel Gumina, who was acknowledged for his presentation at the annual meeting of the Southern Poultry Science Society.



In addition to interacting with professionals in a prominent academic environment, BV Science also strengthened its position as a R&D company that develops innovative products for antibiotic-free animal production, a leading market trend in the livestock industry.


2017 was a year of considerable growth for BV Science. This year, we took a strategic leap by opening a new subsidiary in St. Louis, USA, which will allow launching our most innovative product lines in this important market”, said Jorge Winokur.

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