BV Science Annual Marketing Summit in Atlanta

Published 29/01/2018 in category Events

BV Science, the joint business unit of Vetanco S.A. and Dr. Bata Ltd., is holding its Annual Marketing Summit in Atlanta this year. Business directors of all subsidiaries will meet to communicate and align the international strategy of the company.

The Summit, to be held during IPPE International Production & Processing Expo 2018, will evaluate the actions carried out in 2017, analyze the new strategic proposals, and approve the business plans for 2018-2019.

The meeting started on Sunday, January 28, with a presentation on the company’s goals by Martin Cardaci, Foreign Trade Business Manager of Vetanco S.A.


After formal opening remarks, he emphasized the importance of holding the market share of our most strategic products during 2018, including BiotechVac Salmonella, Gamaxine, and Herbanoplex, which are standing out globally.

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Cardaci welcomed the team of BVScience, Inc., the new US subsidiary that is working to develop our products sales, and turned over to the other subsidiaries and distributors for their presentations.

In 2017, BV Science took a strategic leap by opening a new subsidiary in St. Louis, USA, which will allow launching our most innovative product lines in this important market. “Engaging Dave Zacek as the director of the new subsidiary, as well as Dr Maritza Tamayo, outstanding expert in biological products for poultry, Dr. Bata and Vetanco close a year of top-level additions,” said Jorge Winokur, Vetanco’s President.

Upcoming meetings of the Annual Marketing Summit

On Monday 29, there will be a meeting with distributors, where Phartec (Peru), Veterquímica (Bolivia), Tadec (Ecuador), and Nutrivec (Colombia) will present their budgets and strategic marketing plans for 2018 to Horacio Mancini, Vetanco’s Vice President; Eduardo Zavalía, Vetanco’s General Manager; Gabor Bata, manager at Dr. Bata Ltd.; and Dave Zacek, BV Science’s CEO.

The Summit will close with the meeting of the subsidiaries, to be held on February 2, when Vetanco’s Vice President, Horacio Mancini, and Vetanco’s General Manager, Eduardo Zavalía, will listen to the proposals and marketing plans for 2018 of the companies Idenco Mexico, Vetanco do Brasil, Irdenco Uruguay and Vetanco Argentina.


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