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Responding to the global need for free food consumption of inputs of chemical origin, BV Science is the result of the merger of the research units, marketing and technical support of both companies, adding its expertise, conduct research and development with the aim of improving productivity and profitability primary production of meat, resulting in more and better food, better cost-benefit and in harmony with the welfare of a growing world population.

vetanco + bata = BV

Since ten years ago, Dr. Bata and Vetanco´ s scientific research teams have been integrating their resources and working together in the development of innovative tools, sharing a same principle: Safe  products for safe food.

Working together, Vetanco y Dr. Bata have multiplied the capacity of research and technical-commercial international assistance. Through economies of scale they are multiplying registrations worldwide, running more validation tests in more institutions from more countries, accelerating the times till a new product enters the market, and producing more volume of more quality.

“Dr. Bata products and its research are the best complement for our own existing lines and upcoming developments, Bioinnovo and BiotechVac. In addition, structures, sizes, and comparable organizations make this integration more feasible. Both companies have shareholders working in day to day, and both companies have projects of long-term growth”, said Jorge Winokur, President of Vetanco.

In this first stage, the BV Science product line consists down the Dr. Bata line and Vcare products line (Detoxaplus – Dysantic – Herbanoplex -Gamaxine – Di Heptarine S – MOS Uniwall 25) plus other innovations that are coming on sale.

“From BV Science we are going to develop new products designed to win a space highlighted in an increasingly demanding and discerning about the quality of the food market,” adds Dr. Bata.

Visit our booth at Hall C, Nº 3211
JAN. 30 – FEB 1, 2018 – Atlanta, Georgia, EE.UU.
International Production & Processing Expo



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