Bioinnovo was recognized again with the Innovar Award

Published 13/10/2017 in category News

The company received the Innovar Award for Innovative Product Design awarded by the National Ministry of Science and Technology

Bioinnovo, the public-private company formed by Vetanco and INTA, was presented with the Innovar Award for its development of Bioinnovo IgY DNT, the first biological product based on IgY-technology approved for the prevention of Neonatal Calf Diarrhea.


During the 13th edition of the National Innovation Competition-INNOVAR 2017, led by the minister of Science, Technology and Product Innovation, Lino Baranao, and the head of the Federal System of Media and Public Content, Hernan Lombardi, 37 different projects received an INNOVAR award.   

The award for the category of Innovative Product Design was presented to IncuINTA scientist Andres Wigdorovitz, head of the Bioinnovo team, for the use of non-transgenic IgY antibodies to control and treat: Rotavirus A, Coronavirus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella.  When used as a preventative, Bioinnovo IgY DNT decreases fecal shedding of these infectious agents at the predominant point of contamination; thereby, reducing pathogen prevalence in the environment as well as mortality in calves.


Adrian Balbi, Vetanco Commercial Manager for Livestock and Small Animals, stated that: “In addition to the novelty of the public-private association; the technological based products developed by Bioinnovo are supported by scientific based research, doctoral thesis and scientific publications”.

The National Innovation Competition-INNOVAR is an incentive by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Product Innovation (MiNCyT) as part of the National Program for the Popularization of Science and Innovation. The contest objective is to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, product application and/or processes that improves the quality of life for society and to promote innovations that diversify production networks of the country.


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