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Published 22/06/2017 in category News

Today were the last Vetanco presentations at the Budapest International Probiotic Conference.


In the Animal Health Section, Dr Carlos de Oliveira, Vetanco Regional Technical Manager for Mexico, gave his lecture on the benefits of a Gamaxine and Uniwall MOS combination, for layer’s productivity and health status.

Effects of a Water Applied Biopromotor and Feed Applied MOS on the Prevalence of Colibacillosis and Egg Production in Commercial Heavy Breeders

Oliveira C.1, Molnar-Nagy V.2, Hernandez J.1, Layton S.L.1


Commercial poultry production farms are under increasing pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics while maintaining strict health standards and pathogen control. Currently, there is an increased need for the development of effective products that serve as alternatives to antibiotics. These alternatives can include: probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, organic acids, phytobiotics, or most likely a combination of intervention strategies, as no one product will suffice to replace all antibiotic growth promoters (AGP). We have developed a water applied additive biopromoter through careful selection of different types of prebiotics strategies (inactivated fermented Bacillus subtilis fragments and yeast cell wall extracts) that increases innate immunity, improves gastrointestinal integrity, controls gram negative pathogens, while increasing productivity parameters and health status of the birds.

Sherry Layton, in the Mucosal Health Section, introduced our revolutionary concepts for mucosal immune enhancement.

Evaluation of a Water Applied Biopromotor to Increase Health Status and Control Proliferation of Gram Negative Pathogenic Bacteria

Layton S.L.1, Gumina E.1, Moreira E.1, Szénásiné T.2, Molnar-Nagy V.2


Currently, the world’s population is more conscious than ever about diseases associated with animal production especially the zoonotic diseases that affect public health. There is a continual emphasis on antibiotic resistance associated with these potentially zoonotic microorganisms many of which impact human medicine. These concerns have forced governments to take action and address replacing antibiotics with alternatives that provide the same food safety benefits but do not pose the same public health risks. We have developed and evaluated a water applied Biopromotor composed of inactivated bacillus strains, selected for their ability to produce molecules which improve intestinal integrity, reduce inflammation and control gram negative bacteria, and yeast cell wall extracts as a safe effective alternative to replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) currently being used in commercial poultry production.

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Congratulations to our colleagues.



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