CiTA awards: Gold Medal for Bioinnovo

Publicado 25/07/2017 en Eventos

La Rural Fairgrounds, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The International Center for Innovation in Agricultural Technology (CiTA) awards committee awarded Bioinnovo with the 11th annual Gold Medal in the Non-Traditional Innovation category for its novel development to treat and control neonatal diarrhea in calves.

Bioinnovo Igy DNT is the first biological national product based on Immunoglobulin Y, or IgY antibodies, developed by Bioinnovo, a technological based company established between INTA and Vetanco.

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The award was presented by Amadeo Nicoro, president of INTA, who celebrated the recognition of the 15-year research project.  “The fundamental role of INTA is to transform knowledge into innovation as a base for regional development. Continuing this sentiment, we need these public-private alliances so that this knowledge reaches all corners of our society”

For his part, Andres Wigdorowitz, researcher and Director of Bioinnovo, expressed his satisfaction: “I am overjoyed, this is a recognition of our combined efforts, a team, an idea, an achievement, a successful product”

Furthermore, he added: “I am very proud to have created Bioinnovo and to be able to work with this public-private collaboration directly as a team”.

Neonatal diarrhea is among the leading causes of deaths in calves, especially those less than a month old, and accounts for 57% of total mortality.  Bioinnovo IgY DNT contains critical antibodies that the calf needs to prevent and control this disease and can easily be added to milk replacer from the beginning.

“This innovative product controls important productive pathogens and protects the calf against diarrhea, reduces the use of antibiotics and does not induce bacterial or viral resistance”, said Wigdorowitz.

Using this product, “Reduces environmental viral load and the severity of the diarrheas, avoids the misuse of antibiotics and enhances the preventative maternal vaccination strategy naturally through colostrum intake by the calf” he also mentioned.

Raul Brega, commercial director for Vetanco, emphasized the ability of the product to control viral and bacterial pathogens associated with this disease “the product can be positioned as therapeutic treatment in farms already with the disease or as a preventative incorporated into routine calf management”.

Additionally, as Bioinnovo IgY DNT is not a pharmaceutical product it can enhance the life and usefulness of antibiotics by reducing the need and frequency of use.  Its sustained use does not induce bacterial or viral resistance and favors intestinal and general health of the calf.

The CiTA prize is a recognition for companies and institutions that developed solutions to demanding production problems and the specialist who work to achieve this objective.  Congratulations to the Bioinnovo team for your excellent and continuous work we are proud to work with you and motivated to continue growing together.

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