• CiTA awards: Gold Medal for Bioinnovo
    Published 25/07/2017 in category News
    La Rural Fairgrounds, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The International Center for Innovation in Agricultural Technology (CiTA) awards committee awarded Bioinnovo with the 11th annual Gold Medal in the Non-Traditional Innovation category for its novel development to treat and […] See more
  • Vetanco Scientific Conference Presentations
    Published 22/06/2017 in category News
    Today were the last Vetanco presentations at the Budapest International Probiotic Conference. In the Animal Health Section, Dr Carlos de Oliveira, Vetanco Regional Technical Manager for Mexico, gave his lecture on the benefits of a […] See more
  • Vetanco sponsored an international roundtable on Avian Influenza
    Published 27/04/2017 in category News
    On April 4 to 6, Chapecó hosted the 18th edition of the Southern Brazil Symposium on Poultry, Vetanco organized an international roundtable on AVIAN INFLUENZA, International Experiences. Control and Risks for Brazil. This edition was […] See more
    Published 25/04/2017 in category News
    May Friday 26th, the date! Official ceremony and technical seminar on Bioinnovo IgY DNT, the first product of the first private-public company of Vetanco-INTA. Important lecturers and national authorities will attend our presentation of Bioinnovo, […] See more
  • Biotech Vac Salmonella poultry, new markets
    Published 25/04/2017 in category News
    With new approvals, Vetanco last vaccine intended for an increasing food born disease is gaining new markets. Soon, Biotech Vac Salmonella Swine. Follow Sherry Layton for more details on this new technology.    See more
  • Bioinnovo IgY DNT succeeds potency test and biological control in Senasa
    Published 25/04/2017 in category News
    Bioinnovo IGY DNT, a new biologic available in  the market, is a product containing IgY anti-Bovine Rotavirus Elisa > 2048, anti- Bovine Coronavirus Elisa IgY> 64; IgY anti Salmonella Elisa> 64; IgY anti Escherichia coli […] See more
  • VEDEVAX First recombinant vaccine for DVB
    Published 25/04/2017 in category News
    Vetanco S.A., through its subsidiary Bioinnovo developed and registered in Argentina the first recombinant vaccine for the control of bovine viral diarrhea virus. Vedevax, a subunit vaccine produced on a baculovirus line, and potentiated by […] See more
  • Bioinnovo calves. The first Bioinnovo export
    Published 04/04/2017 in category News
    Bioinnovo, the public-private joint venture between INTA-Vetanco, fulfilled its first official export on March 29th 2017.  The initial container of “Bioinnovo Calves”, the first commercial product of Bioinnovo, was dispatched to Uruguay. “Bioinnovo Calves” is […] See more
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